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I’m not here to post 12 week before and afters. I’m here to work with you and teach you solutions to problems, that you will use for the rest of your life!

I’m not here to push set foods or crazy amounts of exercise your way.ย  I’m here to show you that you can have kids, a job and all of the stresses that come with everyday life and still find the time to reach your goals.

I am here to be your support, your friend and your fountain of knowledge. I’ll show you how to diet, but also how to maintain and keep the weight off. We will learn the basics, and so much more!

The goals are endless!

Come and see what you can achieve, fill out a consultation form to get started.

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Before & After

What clients say

Believe me with Amii’s skills of empowerment you can take control and be a happy you.

Having had an awful few years of mental self destruction and two separate fractures in a 6 month period; I knew I needed to take the biggest leap of my life.

Having never been into exercise or entered a gym, somehow I knew I was ready in myself to take this step and I knew this would be a long journey to re-finding me.

Why Amii – the most important aspect for me was how nurturing and realistic Amii is. Amii’s approach is bespoke to your needs, she has guided me through lots of self doubt and challenges to develop the strength in the areas which is damaged. Amii ensures your mental well-being is forefront and caters for this throughout your journey. Amii has helped me to enjoy life, love going to the gym, enabled me to enjoy all foods and love me.

As I look back on my first check in photos it saddens me to see how lost I was but having the trust in Amii is vital.ย 


I feel confident in my own body!

I started training with Amii in March 2020 with the idea of having just over a year yo get into shape for my wedding in March 2021. Shortly after starting training we went into lockdown meaning I had to find a new level of motivation to train at home. Despite the challenges I stuck to my plan with lots of encouragement and virtual kicks up the ass from Amii along the way! Due to COVID my wedding date was put back to May 2022, it was a no brainer to stick at the training with Amii until the new date.

Amii has supported me in many ways through training. I now enjoy going to the gym and feel confident going on my own because I have a better idea of what I’m actually doing, I understand more around muscle groups and which areas to train together, I have a better relationship with food, but most of all I feel confident in my own body!


So where do I start

I starting working with Amii Sept 2019 wanting to lose some weight and tone up. Amii has taking me through the journey allowing me to still enjoy the nice things in life like cake and ice cream. Amii kept me sane throughout lockdown and picked me up when I was having a wobble and wanting to give up the gym, and finally after all the years of hating as us girls do I have learned to appreciate and love my body including my legs.


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