Believe me with Amii’s skills of empowerment you can take control and be a happy you.

Having had an awful few years of mental self destruction and two separate fractures in a 6 month period; I knew I needed to take the biggest leap of my life.

Having never been into exercise or entered a gym, somehow I knew I was ready in myself to take this step and I knew this would be a long journey to re-finding me.

Why Amii – the most important aspect for me was how nurturing and realistic Amii is. Amii’s approach is bespoke to your needs, she has guided me through lots of self doubt and challenges to develop the strength in the areas which is damaged. Amii ensures your mental well-being is forefront and caters for this throughout your journey. Amii has helped me to enjoy life, love going to the gym, enabled me to enjoy all foods and love me.

As I look back on my first check in photos it saddens me to see how lost I was but having the trust in Amii is vital.