I feel confident in my own body!

I started training with Amii in March 2020 with the idea of having just over a year yo get into shape for my wedding in March 2021. Shortly after starting training we went into lockdown meaning I had to find a new level of motivation to train at home. Despite the challenges I stuck to my plan with lots of encouragement and virtual kicks up the ass from Amii along the way! Due to COVID my wedding date was put back to May 2022, it was a no brainer to stick at the training with Amii until the new date.

Amii has supported me in many ways through training. I now enjoy going to the gym and feel confident going on my own because I have a better idea of what I’m actually doing, I understand more around muscle groups and which areas to train together, I have a better relationship with food, but most of all I feel confident in my own body!